A persecuted Reptilian race.


Fremds stand between 4 to 6 feet tall. They have two arms and two legs, with five digits terminating each limb. They two pairs of eyes. The second pair, higher on thier foreheads, are very small and very sensitive to magic. Despite this, Fremds are unable to use magic.


The origins of Fremds is shrouded in time, but there is no evidence to suggest they have been around as long the other races in the Tardirverse. Due to thier natural endurance, they have long been used captured or bought for slaves by various nations and races. They have recently been caught right in the middle of the war against the High Cult, with great loss of life. Anger is brewing.


Fremd folklore claims that their race came on vast flying ships. They claim lineage to a great, ancient empire. As such, they use a completely different calender and dating system than the rest of the Tardirverse. Most Fremd follow the Cult of Blessed Grottoes. Thier scattered race is divided into many different polities. Three are the most powerful. Clan Tyranno is made up of fierce guerilla warriors who defend thier territory. The Tinkers Guild travels about, inventing and selling thier wares. The Farsight Pact is attempting to find magic that the Fremd can use. Thanks to endless persecution, a typical Fremd is grim and fatalistic, but also rugged and fiercly independent.