Dragon 2

An Ahnestu Dragon

The Dragons are one of the oldest species in the world, and some even believe that they ARE the oldest. The Dragons are some of the wisest creatures in the world, and many seek advice from them. There are many Sub-species of Dragons, but the most common one is the Ahnestu Dragons, wich inhabits Temperate Forests and Mountains.



  • Ahnestu

The most common dragons. Used by an ancient Knight organisation as steeds, they are now free to do whatever they want, but some are hired into a Knight Order as steeds and companions of a Knight. The wild ones, though, have nests on Hills or Mountains.

  • Echezhi

The only species of Dragons native to the Eastern Lands, and it is only found there. A few warriors are chosen by a dragon to be it's rider, and they remain loyal companions for life. A legend tells that once one of these dragons fell in love with a Horse, and they got a child, wich people thought to be a Keilun. It is true, though, that the Keilun and the Echezhi are related. The Echezhi is also the wisest breed of dragons.

  • Mhudok

A dragon native to tropical forests. They are mostly isolated on an island unknown to everyone exept for the Echezhi dragons.

  • Daganar

A mysterious Dragon race wich are out at night.

Notable DragonsEdit

  • Longiyu - An Echezhi
  • Ikuzagi - Another Echezhi
  • Muerkith - A Daganar
  • Eòric - An Ahnestu